Share with us the most romantic thing or moment your loved one has done for you! We would like to spread the love in the air too. Shortlisted participants' submissions will be published online and opened for public voting. The story with the highest vote wins!

Submission period: 3rd October - 1st November 2011
Voting period: 24th October - 14th November 2011

3D/2N Weekend Stay at the newly renovated room in Hilton Petaling Jaya for 2 persons & a Buffet Dinner at Genji Japanese Restaurant for 2 persons worth RM1684.

2D/1N Weekend Stay at the newly renovated room in Hilton Petaling Jaya for 2 persons & a Buffet Dinner at Genji Japanese Restaurant for 2 persons worth RM1238.

Peking Duck Set Menu at Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant for 2 persons worth RM250.

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Name : Steffie Chia
Uploaded : 21 October 2011
Votes : 954
It was our 10th year anniversary trip in the romantic city of Paris.Sometime between 7-7.30pm,my then boyfriend and I were chauffeured to join,at the bottom of Eiffel Tower,a modern and luxurious yacht.We were welcomed by the boat captain and a bouquet of roses was offered to me.In a romantic atmosphere,the enchanted cruise started.

Upon reaching the dock,the yacht suddenly reduced its speed and come to a halt.At front deck of the boat,I noticed some roses falling from the sky.One rose.Ten roses.Fifty roses!One hundred roses!Two hundred roses!Five hundred roses!In only a few minutes,a thousand roses entirely covered the boat surface!I was speechless.He got down on his knees and proposed.Without doubt,I said: "Yes!" with the onlookers applauding.I will never forget the night of Paris in his arms.

Name : Weng Hung
Uploaded : 18 October 2011
Votes : 584
My most romantic moment was when we were staying together for around 2 years. One day while we were talking about our cats' funny tricks, I joked that we had spent too much time and effort on our cats and how I wished the cats were our children. Before I could continue my words to propose to her, she looked at me with her blushed face and said,"I would love to bear one or two cute children for you, just as cute as our cats".

Name : Lau Lai Kuen
Uploaded : 20 October 2011
Votes : 575
One Sunday morning when I woke up, there was a silver plate with some fortune cookies placed nicely on top of a silk pillow, some flower petals all over the bed and a small card written "Please open the fortune cookies, it may bring you luck and unexpected surprises".

I took the first cookie and cracked it open, the small note inside written "You are my one and only", second cookie "My life wouldn't complete without you", 3rd cookie "I am blessed to have you beside me each and everyday" and followed by the 4th cookie, my happy tears ran down from my cheek, it was written "Would you marry me? If yes, please nod your head, I'm just right behind you".

Name : Angelia Ooi
Uploaded : 31 October 2011
Votes : 260
He is not the most romantic person I ever met, no big gesture, no big surprise. Yet, he is the guy – who every girls dreams about. He tends to needs, knowing well - one can never fulfill the wants of another’s life. He believes in consistency in ensuring one’s need is meet – waking up that extra 5 minutes so I can get an extra doze, making the coffee, driving me to work so I don’t have to brace the jam, rushing home early to cook the sweet dumplings on dumpling day, making sure that I have the comfort in life. These are little daily things, things that really matters – deep down every girls' heart. the most romantic thing my fiancée has ever did, is loving me each day, with all his heart and to the best of how he knows to make sure I feel like a princess.

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