Share with us the most romantic thing or moment your loved one has done for you! We would like to spread the love in the air too. Shortlisted participants' submissions will be published online and opened for public voting. The story with the highest vote wins!

Submission period: 3rd October - 1st November 2011
Voting period: 24th October - 14th November 2011

3D/2N Weekend Stay at the newly renovated room in Hilton Petaling Jaya for 2 persons & a Buffet Dinner at Genji Japanese Restaurant for 2 persons worth RM1684.

2D/1N Weekend Stay at the newly renovated room in Hilton Petaling Jaya for 2 persons & a Buffet Dinner at Genji Japanese Restaurant for 2 persons worth RM1238.

Peking Duck Set Menu at Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant for 2 persons worth RM250.

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Name : Angelia Ooi
Uploaded : 31 October 2011
Votes : 260
He is not the most romantic person I ever met, no big gesture, no big surprise. Yet, he is the guy – who every girls dreams about. He tends to needs, knowing well - one can never fulfill the wants of another’s life. He believes in consistency in ensuring one’s need is meet – waking up that extra 5 minutes so I can get an extra doze, making the coffee, driving me to work so I don’t have to brace the jam, rushing home early to cook the sweet dumplings on dumpling day, making sure that I have the comfort in life. These are little daily things, things that really matters – deep down every girls' heart. the most romantic thing my fiancée has ever did, is loving me each day, with all his heart and to the best of how he knows to make sure I feel like a princess.

Name : Daryl Pinto
Uploaded : 31 October 2011
Votes : 7
She, Belle has changed me to be a better person. I have become a much more fun, cheerful and caring person. Of course, she loves to experiment in cooking up new dishes for me to eat. I love her for just being herself. This is LOVE made in HEAVEN. But the most romantic thing she has done is to be with me, now and forever. Love you, dear.

Name : Oh Kah Lay
Uploaded : 29 October 2011
Votes : 194
I had just resuscitated my patient who earlier collapsed in the ward and was completely worn out. Before my cellphone rang to inform me that there was another case of motor vehicle accident to attend to, he turned up at the hospital entrance with a box of Chicken Teriyaki rice. I was hungrily gobbling away my dinner when I realized there was a small container stuffed at the centre in the box. Poking it with my disposable chopsticks, I asked what was it. He took out the ring box and went down on his knees. Ignoring the onlooking visitors, he took my hand and proposed, "Will you marry me?". I only had one answer for him.

Name : Chu Kah Wai
Uploaded : 27 October 2011
Votes : 10
We went to Bali on 13/9/2011. He actually decided to propose on my birthday which falled on the next day. While we were traveling, I realized that his mind was just kind of wandering away, I asked if he was not feeling well but he said that he's just too tired.

At night, he actually waited until 12 midnight when I had already fallen asleep. As the clock stroke 12, he quickly woke me up and brought me out to the hotel balcony. He brought out the diamond ring and asked me to marry him! Of course, I said: "I do!".

It was a surprise to me and I will definitely never forget the sweetest moment of us.

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